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Learn directly from the masters and pioneers in Coaching.

Would you like to train and become a Certified Coach in the comfort of your home?

Practice physical social distancing and learn from home via Zoom and Teleclasses.

Get recognized as an inspiring, competent, leader in your community by getting certified through ISC.

  • If personal development is important to you and you love helping others succeed. I invite you to become part of our International Community of Professional Coaches.
  • Get ready to make a difference and positively impact lives by using our amazing, Holistic Coaching System.
  • This program is designed to empower you as you become an Internationally-Recognized Coach.
  • You will learn a simple “step by step” process that shows you how to get real results fast.
  • You will get all the forms, tools and skills needed to prepare you for a rewarding career that is focused on helping others achieve their goals.
  • By the time you graduate, you will be qualified, equipped, and confident to Coach clients through life transitions such as relationships, wellness, and finances.

The International School of Coaching is unique in how we offer our training and considered a credible, effective, and affordable Coach Training with a special focus on...

  • Self-Empowerment
  • Spirituality
  • Authenticity
  • Communication
  • Flexibility


    • Empowering individuals who need help clarifying and accomplishing their goals
    • Business leaders need help staying focused on productivity and time management
    • Managers and leaders need powerful skills to thrive in an ever-changing environment
    • Executives need help developing leadership skills and adapting to change
OPTION 1 (Teleclass Schedule)
Class 1 Tuesday, April  7, 10 am
Class 2 Tuesday, April 14, 10 am
Class 3 Tuesday, April 21, 10 am
Class 4 Tuesday,  April 28, 10 am & Graduation
OPTION 2 (Live Zoom Class)
Class 1 Thursday, April 2, 10 am
Class 2 Thursday, April 9, 10 am
Class 3 Thursday, April 16, 10 am
Class 4 Thursday, April 23, 10 am & Graduation

OPTION 3 (Self-directed)
Study at your own pace in the comforts of your own space and save time and money while you learn.

We truly believe in this holistic program and are proud to be in a position to share it with you.

Connect with us to find out if our program is right for you.

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