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Holistic Life Coach

Study with the Master Coach
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Self-Directed Holistic Coach Training

Independent Training
Remember your true self

Spiritual Development

Study with the Master Coach
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Holistic Wellness

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Will I need any prior training or credentials to take the Life Coach program?

There are no prerequisites for this program, anyone interested in creating value in their life and the lives of others are welcome to enroll.

Why is the cost of this course much less than others that I see online?

There is no need to spend $5000.00 plus for 6 months of training. Our team of experts made our program affordable by using the best cutting-edge information on Coaching without all of the repetitive rhetoric.

Will I receive help with starting my Coaching business?

Absolutely, Module 4 is Marketing, Branding, and Business set up, here is where you will learn proven ways to structure, launch, and promote your Coaching practice.

What Coaching credential will I earn when I graduate?

You will earn your Certified Professional Coach certificate which allows you to use the initials CPC following your name and accepted worldwide.

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