Parent Coaching


Attention parents:

Are you frustrated with your relationship with your child? Do you feel like they just don’t listen? Do you find yourself questioning or regretting your parenting decisions?

If so, you’re certainly not alone, and the good news is that there’s professional help you can seek to get on the right track with your kids. The truth is, everyone deserves to have a better relationship with their children. And a trained, certified Philadelphia Parenting Coach can show you how.

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You will be provided the tools and proven techniques along with ongoing support, guidance and encouragement. It’s important to remember that life coaching is a compassionate, non-judgmental partnership. We identify your parenting skills and strengths and help you discover ways of relating with your children that are respectful of their stages of growth. You’ll learn ways to respond instead of react, and become a more confident and satisfied parent.

Together we will create strategies customized to fit your unique family challenges. Isn’t time to get back in the driver’s seat and gain control over your life?

Telephone coaching and private sessions are available and completely confidential. Call or email for a free consultation with a Philadelphia Parenting Coach, and discover how coaching can make you a happier, more confident parent.