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Awaken to the new world!


"Introducing an evolutionary, holistic program for awakening and healing, based on the latest scientific research."

Do you have a desire to empower yourself and others in a meaningful, profound way?

Are you on a quest to remember your life's purpose?

Do you desire a deeper connection to God, Divine, Creator, or Universe?

Are you ready for the life-enhancing journey of self-discovery and increased awareness?

We are living in unprecedented and challenging times and dealing with the complexities that arise from it. Some of us are unaware that there are many strategies available to help us through.

Would you like to learn how to apply Spiritual principles and skills that will change lives for the better, forever?

The latest research proves that we all have the ability to prevent and reverse disease.

You will learn how to build strong immunity to help block out viruses, and live a healthy life.

Is anything more important than having great vitality, living whole, mind, body, and soul?

If you are dedicated to your Spiritual progression and the fulfillment of your life purpose, AWESOME! we will join you on your journey and help you realign with your soul's purpose to be your most authentic self.

If you are called to make a positive impact and improve the lives of others, there's no better time to shine the light on those in the dark.

Coaches are needed now more than ever, Coaches who specialize in Spiritual Development.


Intentions, Benefits, and Results

  • Shed limiting patterns and awaken dormant energies, locked within, waiting to be expressed.
  • To uncover your Spirit and experience higher learning and deeper meaning of your true self.
  • Expanded mind, ready to explore new possibilities.
  • Activate your supreme powers that are ready to be realized and realigned.
  • Cultivate inner connection and manifest your prayers and intentions.
  • Become so conscious, that your healing is as natural as breathing.
  • Increased self-awareness, intuition, and confidence.

Who is this program for?

Uniquely designed for all Spiritual seekers of all denomonations from beginner to advanced who want to access higher states of consciousness and restore wholeness.

This program is for you...

  • If you're ready to awaken and bring about positive change all around you.
  • If you're committed to personal development and want to explore your true inner nature.
  •  If you're looking for a meaningful career based on values, morals, and beliefs that provide you sense of purpose.

The Trainer and Coach

Paula Michele Boyle, A pioneer and international Master Life Coach with over 20 years’ experience in successful coaching. She is a spiritual practitioner who has developed a rich connection with God and personal understanding of the spiritual nature of life and higher consciousness. She has witnessed many spectacular phenomena and spontaneous healings and has a strong interest is in the field of energy medicine. Her mission is to share the wisdom and usher you on the path to find your own truth.

 Zoom Class in the comfort of your own space.

In honor of keeping classes personalized, registration will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Vibe your highest energies and magnetize goodness with these healing modalities.

      • Power of Love
      • Power of Forgiveness
      • Identify Blessings
      • Spiritual Self Care
      • High Vibrations Food Benefits
      • Let go of the past and be Present
      • Embracing the Darkness
      • What is Energy
      • Principles of Energy
      • Sensing Energy
      • Forming Energy
      • Absorbing Energy
      • Clearing Energy /Aura
      • Directing Energy
      • Shielding
      • Grounding
      • Space Clearing
      • Meditation Mantras
      • Meditation Benefits
      • Chakras Explained
      • Color Vibration
      • Organs and Glands Chakras Govern
      • Wavelengths and Frequencies of Chakras
      • How Chakras become imbalanced
      • How to prevent Energy disorders
      • How to Balance Chakras
      • Musical notes Associated with each Chakra
      • Gemstones and Crystals associated With each Chakra
      • Breathing Techniques
      • Self-Massages
      • Tai Chi
      • Qi Gong
      • Energy Balls
      • Acupressure
      • Third Eye Pressure Points
      • Meditation Journal
      • Pranic Healing
      • Cultivate Coherent Brain and Heart
      • Spiritual Sound Healing Frequencies
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AWARDS CEREMONY FOX CHASE DAY CENTER  Oct. 2107 Larry  Goldstein and  Paula Boyle

Positive energy

Students at the Fox Chase Adult Day Care were recognized for participating in the center’s tai chi and artistic programs.
Age is only a number: On Sept. 20, participants of Fox Chase Adult Day Care’s tai chi group were recognized for their dedication to the practice. Above, Anthony Bradshaw was one of the honorees. Below, Evelyn Miller thanks presenters Paula Michele Boyle and Larry Goldstein during the event. LOGAN KRUM / TIMES PHOTO
Breathe in, breathe out. Take that energy, and realize it within yourself. By doing that, you create even more energy.
This is some advice dispensed during a typical tai chi class, which can get physically and mentally demanding. That doesn’t stop Northeast Philadelphia residents aged 60 or older from participating, though.
Participants at Fox Chase Adult Day Care practice tai chi every Wednesday, and on Sept. 20 were recognized for their dedication to the practice. Participants ranged in age from the early 60s to 98 years old.
Each week, about 30 students participate in the lessons, which are taught by Paula Michele Boyle and Larry Goldstein. The students received recognition for participation in the lessons, as well as artistic achievement in other activities offered at the adult daycare.
One participant gratefully thanked Boyle and Goldstein, saying her kids were not used to seeing her walk around as energetically as she does now thanks to the lessons.
“We want to show the community there’s modality in music,” Boyle said.
Individuals who were recognized for their work included Margaret Rickard, William Dever, Henrietta Clark, Evadney Hylton, Anthony Bradshaw, Giovanni Dimeo, Evelyn Miller, William Ware, Ernest Griffin, Jean Baptiste, Geraldine Dowdle and John Miller.
As each name was called, the winner was escorted to accept their certificate by two nurses. Some were too eager to wait for the nurses and tried to get themselves to the front without help, which, as Goldstein pointed out, was a sign that the lessons were working and making them more active.
“I think doing an award ceremony is the best way to show our gratitude to them and showing our appreciation,” Goldstein said