Millions of people benefit from life coaching, so it’s worth asking yourself if you’d benefit from meeting with a coach. Here’s a quiz to decide if you’re ready:

I am ready to speak with a coach if:

I am ready to honestly look at my life and myself.
I am ready to create more balance in my life.
I am ready to improve my personal relationships.
I am ready to make positive changes in my life.
I am ready to discover my life’s purpose.
I am ready and willing to overcome self-limiting beliefs.
I am ready to create plans and take action to achieve my goals.
I am ready to achieve a sense of fulfillment at work and in my life.
I am ready for more fun and enjoyment in my life.
I am read to be challenged to move to the next level.
I am excited to create the life I want.
I am ready to partner with a trained professional who will help me to stay on track.

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