Relationship Coaching

by Paula Michele Boyle

"The Love Coach"



This program is designed for those who...

  • are ready for a change
  • want to start dating
  • are ready to attract  a partner (soul mate)
  • want to enhance an existing relationship
  • is having a hard time getting over a breakup
  • is tired of putting up with dysfunctional patterns
  • is wondering if its time to end the current relationship
  • want to move on from a frustrating situation
  • want to experience more out of life
  • need support after divorce/breakup

No one is better equipped to figure out what changes need to be made in your life than you. The job as your coach is to help unfold all the possibilities that you may not be aware of. We help you understand all the options in front of you and support you on choosing the best one through a variety of methods. This is a holistic approach which will essentially help you in whatever situation you are facing.

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