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Testimonials of Success


“I was very impressed by the information presented and taught by the instructor. The presentations are very well put together and the information quite invaluable”
Spenser Lin
I received my life coaching certification in June 2019! It was a fantastic experience indeed! Paula was a wonderful coach! Thank you Paula for an amazing experience!
Cyndi Marie Figueroa
Excellent course! I understand myself better and now know how to help others.
Vickie Danchiu
I would definitely recommend this course. It was insightfully understandable and taught me a lot about myself. It's just coaching!
Hyniff Heywood
Becoming a Life Coach has been a game-changer for me. I took what I learned from Paula's Training and applied it to my life as well as my business ventures. It helped me tremendously with building confidence in myself, to be able to confidently help others. I had the luxury of meeting Paula after graduation, and she answered my questions thoroughly and helped me uncover my own limiting beliefs that were hindering my growth. She is such a kind and gentle soul. If I could give more stars I would!
Oasha Brown
Highly recommended program. It will allow you to become self-confident, equipped with various coaching tools, a more driven coach, Easy going learning set up promotes self-discovery, intuition persistence in chasing your dream.
Iryna Voytyuk
I had a great experience with my coach trainer. When I first started, I was nervous, my coach made me feel comfortable and assured me that I would under the program and she made sure that I understood the program...I would definitely recommend this program. I now have the tools and support to be a successful coach.
Naris Palmer
The training is beneficial for anyone desiring growth on a personal level or business level. I would recommend the integrity of this course to anyone who wants results in their life. The instructor understood my needs and desires and worked with me through each question or concern giving me greater insight into the program as well in strengthening faith within myself.
Melissa Perez
I really enjoyed this training, especially learning that life coaching isn’t just speaking with people but there is a certain technique to help get on the same level as the client where you can effectively observe and focus on what the client’s goals and aspirations are. The instructor was attentive and very helpful.
Stephanie Cascio
Paula is amazing!!!!!! I learned so much about being a Life Coach. She's reliable, professional, and very understandable. Paula really cares and is so passionate about everything she conveys! I'm so blessed to have Paula as my Life Coach and Mentor! Thanks Paula for giving me the tools and confidence to achieve my life long dream!
Susan Holt

I'm so glad to gain my life coach certification from the International School of CoachingInstructor gave me coaching information and knowledge. Paula is a very professional coach and a very kind and patient person. I felt comfortable and understood. I highly recommend this training program for those who want to help others.
Marina Olkhova
I can truly say I have gained an amazing transformation by graduating (August 2019) as a Certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Philly course. It’s such a good feeling! The Life Coach Philly course has UPLIFTED my life greatly. It’s definitely A Dose Of Growth to my life - more knowledge- more good energy. I am so happy to have connected with Paula. Paula is easy to communicate with and she answers your questions effectively (with good illustrations and examples). I am forever grateful to Paula/Life Coach Philly. Thank you so much!!!
Kimmie Murchison
As a recent graduate of Life Coach Philly International School of Coaching, I would like to say how much my life has changed since starting the program. I started out a complete mess! Abused, divorced, the loss of 2 parents and just a completely negative and defensive person. I was miserable and was making those around me miserable. But I never realized it. I’d get angry if someone told me I was negative. Today I wake each morning thankful for another day. I instantly think of 3 positive thoughts to start my day and steer clear of negative energy. I work from home in several business lines. I am now a certified life coach, excited to help others find their purpose. I am a social network marketing trainer and an independent consultant. I can’t wait to take on the world with my new positive mindset and be able to help others feel the way I do today. I definitely recommend anyone to take training with Master Coach Paula. It is a life-changing experience and I’m so thankful I was introduced to her. Thank you, Paula, for helping me find that happy, healthier me that was buried so deep inside. is #1!!!!!!
Rene F.
Life coaching and learning how to coach others through life challenges has helped me to get people past the barriers that impede their success. I think most trainers, nutritionists, and educators come to the realization that more may be needed to help their clients or students achieve their full success. Becoming a certified professional coach has provided me with the skills to guide people to be their best. I started my coaching journey as a life coach, but after a few months, I decided to specialize and further my training. I then became a health and wellness coach and a holistic health coach. Eventually, I want to move in the direction of offering health and wellness consultations to my clients.
Elizabeth Borge
Paula is a compassionate, caring, and a wonderful life coach. For anyone who wishes to get life’s complexities clarified and establish a clear achievable goal, Paula does it the best–in a totally non- judgmental way. She supports her clients through all obstacles to achieve what they want out of life. Even a complimentary session can complement your life!
Kalind Bakshi MD
Wonderful program. Paula does take it to the next level. I did the research myself when looking for a coaching program and Life Coaching Philly was it for me. Thank you, Paula. I appreciate your dedication.
Maria Carmella
I have made several positive changes in my life since my coaching experience with Paula. She was very friendly and patient with me throughout my entire training. I was aware of the basics of coaching, but Paula introduced me to some very valuable information in which would be very transformational for myself as a coach as well as for the assistance of my clients' needs. My perception of reality changed and I've never felt more in control of my life now. Paula provided me with the tools I needed to help me on my new journey into the Life Coaching business and the sense of empowerment was amazing. Thank you so much Paula
Lydia Muniz
I am so honored to receive my Life Coach Certification from the International School of Coaching. My experience was great, whenever I had questions or concerns Paula was always there to help me. She is a great mentor! I recommend International School of Coaching to anyone who wants to be a Life Coach.
Yolanda Miller
I’d like to share my appreciation towards Paula Michele Boyle for her support with me on receiving my Life Coach Certification, and her time spent with me on the technical end of starting my new site, as a Certified Life Coach! I truly appreciate your time, Paula, and look forward to having a continued friendship/mentor with you.
Joanne Scherff
"My instructor was very informative and she set the atmosphere nice comfortable and I will recommend this program to anyone that’s interested.”
Diane Scott
Paula Michele Boyle is a coach that is totally devoted to reaching the best results for her students and clients. She listens attentively for the clues to your genius that will help you and her to form an action plan that is realistic, achievable and aligned with your values.“Paula is sensitive and caring and knows how to listen long enough so that you can feel heard and know that your private story will be safe with her. She ensures that you share only as much as you are ready to at any given time. Paula can be persistent so you do not want to hire her unless you are determined to make a change in your life. If you want results, choose her. If you just want to talk about it, then go out to lunch with some friends.”
Rev. Mike Wanner
If you're ready to understand yourself and the world around you on a much deeper level, then this is a great place to begin your journey. I enjoyed the one to one training with Paula, She has a way of making the program comprehensible and interesting. It was a truly spiritual experience. I now have the tools and skills needed to help each of my clients and their unique challenges. I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves helping others who need structure and motivation. Many thanks to Paula Michele Boyle, you are a very caring trainer and a pleasure to work with.
Robertina Basilico
"I absolutely felt comfortable with the one on one training. The information made you get in touch with yourself and prepared you to be of help to others. It also provided me with the opportunity to sit on the other side to see what it will feel like as a client relating to the life coach. Would recommend the one on one training wholeheartedly"
Lolita Avery
When I started my life coach course I never thought It would make the difference in my personal life that it did, this was by far one of the best experiences in my life. Paula is an amazing instructor, she was there for me all the way and gave me all the tools to help with my self-confidence. I didn't realize but she was not just only teaching me the course but also coaching me the whole time. I don't have enough words to say how happy I am with this course, I am looking forward to learning more. I recommend this to everybody that wants a big change in their lives.
Tania Lopes
I am former graduate of Life Coach Philly The Training was thorough and very informative Paula makes it interesting and easy to understand. The more I learned from her the more confident I became in my skill sets I would recommend Life Coach Philly to anyone interested in coaching and helping others find their niche and finding their purpose in life The training prepared me to start my own coaching business I became a great coach in a short period of time without any prior experience.
Larry (San Francesco)
“My experience with Life Coach Philly was one to remember! Being under the leadership and teaching of Paula Michele was a privilege, she taught me how to be an effective Life Coach. From her dynamic teaching to electrifying coaching tools she challenged me to go beyond coaching clients but helping them change their life. Paula helped shape me to be a natural-born leader who will excel in the coaching field because of her guidance. I would highly recommend other leaders to Paula who want to make a difference in the lives of those they coach! If you are ready to be challenged, empowered and motivated to change the lives of others then chose Life Coach Philly! I challenge you to be challenged to let Paula help you impact the lives of those in need.”
Sakinah Salley
I am a graduate of Life Coach Philly. What sets Life Coach Philly apart from any other life coaching program is the absolute customized one on one in-person training. This not only gives you the ability to learn on an interactive, personal level but it prepares you to become not only a life coach but a top life coach. With this one on one dynamic, you get to experience life coaching from both angles- as the client and as the coach. As you complete the program you learn how to create powerful interpersonal connections, valuable tools, marketing & business strategy, as well as establish your own personal empowerment. Life Coach Philly teaches you to embody your passion and create endless opportunities within your coaching and within life itself."
Alyssa Trickey
This experience was great. I learned so much and am so excited to incorporate life coaching into my current work as a social worker. The information was detailed, yet able to be understood. The examples were specific and that was helpful. Also, I really liked how scenarios and strategies were described at length. Lastly, I enjoyed learning about personal empowerment and how to incorporate the concepts and ideas into my practice as both a life coach and a social worker.
Natalie Patterson
The coach training has made me look at my inner self and self evaluate. It has motivated me to start a coaching business and/or move forward with my Yoga business as well. It has also helped me in my career as a sales manager.
Nicole Pinkerton
“I truly enjoyed Paula Michele Boyle as a master coach. She identified my strengths and areas I needed to personally to work on before becoming a coach. Or should I say she helped me identify what I needed to do to reach my career goals. Paula helped me feel more confident and prioritize what was most important for me to move forward. I look forward to more training in other areas once I determine my passion.”
Angela Rabotina
I am thankful for this great opportunity to become a Certified Life Coach, and the International School of Coaching gave me that opportunity. I was able to take the course in the comfort of my home which was very helpful. The modules have so much information to benefit from. This training has given me the tools I need to succeed as a Life Coach. I want to thank Paula for giving me that chance
Shawna Dixon

Start today Earn Your Life Coach Certification

The training course that I enrolled in with LifeCoach Philly was an awesome experience. I didn’t know what to expect but I learned a lot about listening, observation and instead of me doing the work for my client allow my client to do the work. Life Coach Philly worked with me during my crazy hours and helped me to achieve my goal of becoming a Coach. I would truly recommend Paula because she’s very professional and a people person. I can feel that she really likes to help people.
Tamika Bonaparte
This program helps me personally to be more focused, more organized in my own life. I can plan it, achieve it and measure it then accomplish it. I am working hard on teaching people the importance of having a life coach by bringing values to them. I write posts on Facebook daily. I also go live on Facebook talking about the topic of love, money, fitness, sex, and spirituality.
Josephys Dafils
Thank you, Paula, for an amazing life coaching journey. I am empowered and more thoughtful about what is important to me. I am setting goals and executing them in a timely fashion. It’s wonderful to know that I had answers to my success all along. Paula helped me rediscover the power inside of me to live the kind of success I always wanted. I am so grateful for your training and guidance.”
Monique Pettway
I enjoyed the training, it was so well done and looking forward to using it in my businesses. What I liked most was the practicality of the course. I learned about meditation and other spiritual practices. Also, the marketing plan that we created in class is a great start for my new journey. Very powerful, highly recommend.
Stella White
“The benefits I have received are that I have more knowledge about interacting and speaking with clients. I learned how to support the client and help them discover answers within themselves. I have learned questioning skills, ideas, and worksheets that can help a client stay on track and achieve their goals. I also learned about more resources that can help resolve problems that may interfere with achieving what the client wants. I feel good when I help someone realize or discover solutions to things they may have been struggling with. The benefits of life coaching are that coaches can support you through your journey of achieving goals and discovering new opportunities in life. We work with you, solving problems and motivating you so you can be the best you can be.”
Abby Wassum
I went into this without a clue on how I could deal with my personal issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I began aware of how to attack all problems. I realized I did have the answers, but my thoughts were not organized to produce them. Paula made it all so clear and my focus intensified. it is life-changing if your willing to adapt and change yourself. Thank you again for allowing me to grab hold of my life again I will always be grateful.
George Armstrong
After taking Life Coaching training, I saw the benefit of adding this specialty training to YEF’s programs. YEF is now a mentoring, coaching, and advocacy organization for youth. Coaching is a type of human resource. Well planned and structured task-oriented. Life Coaching provides an opportunity for the youths to look at a situation (s) differently to make decisions, strategize on how to conceptualize, organize, and implement their business plans, and operate their business - connecting the dots. Life Coaching helps me breakthrough to my present competences as I understood the inclusiveness of coaching. I found myself taking another look at my career and the personal changes I needed to make. Coaching made me see more clearly the abundance in my life. The power of visualization – dreaming big and working hard and smart to crystallize the vision. Separating the positive from negative life experiences. HEALTH wealth, and all that I am privileged to do. Coaching helped to magnify my life’s purpose. I created a plan for all areas of my life. It helped me to recognize areas I had overlooked, areas I should pay more attention to, with timelines and the ability to adjust as needed. Coaching enriched my relationships with family and friends, as I begin to be intentional in selecting friendships. I cannot select family members. I have a better quality of relationships
Carolyn Harris
The course was enjoyable and easy to understand, there was so much value in each module offering support and structure along the way. I feel that I have many new tools and am excited about my new career.-I.S I went to Paula because I was struggling to start a business. Paula helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and I started an action plan to help me realize my goals. Paula is very gifted at helping people. Her life coaching skills helped me to move forward with my business. I recommend her for anyone that needs a Philly life coach.
Bonnie Morgan
Paula Michele Boyle (Life Preserver) is among the legion of self-help pros known as life coaches. In these times when day to day existence can be a minefield of emotional challenges, it’s her job to see you through. She is a trained professional who will help you realize your potential and partners with you as you achieve your personal and professional goals. And so far Paula has been having much success in transforming people’s lives.”
Tom Waring, Editor, NE Times
I was certified as a Life Coach with Paula at Life Coach Philly three years ago and then came back for more training a year late. Paula is not only an amazing Master Coach but also a very selfless leader. I've evolved so much as a person, student and coach and given all the thanks and praise to Paula for her generosity. This coaching program has shifted my life in ways that I could not have ever imagined. If you're thinking about it, treat your current and future self to what Life Coach Philly has to offer. It's a gift that'll keep on giving to you and yours.
Melinda Lindor
The course was very informative. You the student are given the tools to help others, allowing them to explore all possibilities. To have the ability to help others is a very powerful experience, to be a life coach is wonderful for individuals who have a genuine concern for his fellow man.”
Aretha Reid
Paula brings a lot of wisdom to our conversations and is very intuitive. Paula offers exercises and practical assignments that challenge you to move forward. She offers feedback and helps you find ways to deal with your issue.
Robert Carsello
My life coach certification experience with Paula Boyle has changed my life in a most profound positive direction. As a personal fitness instructor, pilates and yoga instructor who incorporates intuitive spiritual Lightwork, I wanted to enhance my practice with a more grounded foundation. As an empath, I needed to set up more defined boundaries so that I can preserve my energy and operate on a higher plane. I feel more inspired now as I work with my clients because time (within a session and in my personal life )is used more efficiently due to the very well thought out structure provided in the Life Coach Philly modules. Paula Boyle's program provides highly efficient clear and concise material from which to build a deeper practice. Paula's own life is a story of success and self-empowerment. As a coach and teacher, she is highly intuitive, authentic, compassionate, inspiring and she couples that with practical tools in real-time to put the power of attaining one's dreams back into the client's own hands. I felt very supported, understood and nurtured by her. By sharing her experiences and by listening to my soul's purpose ( which was revealed during our phone sessions ) I felt supported and honored. I highly recommend her program because it is rich with an abundance of brilliant tools to help create a life filled with joy peace and abundance ..for yourself and your clients! From a scale of 1 to 10 I give it beyond a 10 into infinite possibilities. I feel very blessed and grateful to have found Paula Boyle and Life Coach Philly.
Christine C.
My instructor was phenomenal at helping me get my life coaching business started. She provided very helpful information about how to be a successful coach as well as how to market my business. Highly Recommended.
Andrea Tyler
It was wonderful she didn’t just teach me about life coaching skills she took her time and listen to me and ever since I graduated from this program I’m doing good I got my license for my business I teamed up with another coach and now I’m just waiting for God to open the doors for me and I think Miss Paula for being so kind and helping me get on my path on helping other 🌞
Kayla Powell
Taking this life coach training program has really made a huge difference in my managerial position. I feel more confident and in control of situations that come up. I recommend this training to all managers who want to advance their communication skills and relationships.
Tanya Solomon
I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in life coaching. It was a personalized course and the instructor will work hand in hand with you to support you with all the tools you need to become a successful life coach.
Nicole Reyes-Padilla
First of all, I would like to thank Master Coach Paula for her time and support. The program challenged me to think outside the box and Coach Paula made it easy for me to feel comfortable and ask questions. This program has given me the confidence to be able to be a great life coach. I would recommend this course to anyone who has the heart to help people and see lives transformed.”
Lorraine Robinson-Schmidt
“I think this program is great! I love having the information at my fingertips and having the time to review it at my own pace. The program is very informative. I would and have recommended it to others.”
Kristin Johnson
After going through the program I feel much more educated and prepared to speak on the differences between my previous training in the social work and counseling field and coaching. I feel like I have a more concrete understanding of my own sensory modality. I have always known that I am a visual learner, but I have never explored the extent to which these factors into things like the words that I may connect with related to that. This is something I now am aware of when working with others: once I identify their sensory modality, I can be more aware of the words I use when eliciting information. I really enjoyed reading and studying the idea of neurogenesis as well. The science behind this is really encouraging personally and professionally. The idea that the mind is able to reprogram is great for people who may be more concrete thinkers. Individuals (like me at times) who believe in the science behind things and those who may feel like change is overwhelming, being able to preface the conversation of change with the conversation about the science of reprogramming is a great starting point. Coming from a clinical social work background, I appreciated the holistic approach in this coaching program. I think it was a benefit that the material in the program complemented my previous training. I appreciated the tangible tools such as the wheel of life as it allowed me to explore on my own other such activities and resources that can be used in the coaching relationship. I also appreciated the tips with marketing. It gave me a good starting point of what avenues to ensure that I include when developing various strategies. The conversations around NLP and the ability of the mind to “reprogram” was also useful and very interesting. It was an encouraging part of the conversation and one that I think is an important educational piece for clients to understand and be encouraged that science proves their ability to change their way of thinking.
Simone Golden
Paula did an excellent job educating me in the areas I wanted to focus on. The class provided materials that were direct and very easy to understand. I feel confident, educated , and empowered to help others reach their goals. Thank you, Paula
Paul Smith
I enjoyed learning the information that will help me help others. I liked how the information was straight forward in powerpoint form. It was easy to understand. I felt comfortable with my instructor. She was understanding and seemed to genuinely enjoy teaching life coaching. She was knowledgeable and resourceful. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in life coaching or perhaps anyone interested in improving their communication skills. As a student of psychology, I found many similarities in coaching and counseling techniques, when communicating with both clients and patients. This was a great refresher course for enhancing my skills in this area. I felt very much at ease reviewing the materials with Paula and I would definitely recommend this course to others, in any field where one is working directly with people. This course was an excellent review of what’s important when building relationships with the people you want to serve. It’s all about human connections!”
Trish Turo
Paula and the International School of Coaching continue to give me the tangible and introspective tools to grow my own coaching business AND grow personally. There is a strong focus on building and supporting the life coach AND the client. This is the approach that I needed, I can see why ISC is so highly recommended and I have to follow suit.
Michael Zion
I attended the personal empowerment workshop on 2/2/2019. I took a lot in from just one session with Paula Michele. I woke up with pain in my left eye, and it was corrected immediately; during our mediation practice. I left much better than I went in, not just physically but mentally as well.
The powerful practices that I learned in this program has catapulted me to the next phase of my spiritual growth. Thank you for allowing me to realize the possibilities and awaken to my true self. B. King
B. King
This was a life changing experience. Paula is so insightful and seems to truly immerse herself into the training with you. This is evidenced by how she spoke to my spirit and empowered me to draw on the strengths that I have within me to be a successful Life Coach. Anyone can review materials and feel educated on a topic, but Paula breathes life into the experience and it felt like a journey. I hope to be able to emulate the genuine care and commitment with my clients that she has shown me as I went through the process with her. The training enhanced my ability to be a coach, but it also enhanced my overall wellbeing in the process.
Received my life coaching certification in June 2019! It was a fantastic experience indeed ! Paula was a wonderful coach ! Thank you Paula for an amazing experience!
Paula is AMAZING!!!!! I learned so much about being a Life Coach. She’s reliable, professional, and very understandable. Paula really cares and is so passionate about everything she conveys! I’m so blessed to have Paula as my Life Coach and Mentor! Thanks Paula for giving me the tools and confidence to achieve a life long dream!​
Taking the Life coach class with Paula, was exceptionally enlightening. The class brought awareness and insight to helping myself and beneficial ways to help others. I will be able to insert tools to do better as well as obtain clients that will have hope for better outcomes.
Enrolling to the International School of Coaching has been the BEST DECISION I've made in a really long time. This course has been such a blessing on and in my life. Paula was a AMAZING instructor .After our 1st conversation I knew i made the right decision. This school is amazing ! I will be back for another course!
I love Life Coach Philly!!! I am a graduate of Life Coach Philly. What sets Life Coach Philly apart from any other life coaching program is the absolute customized one on one in person training. This not only gives you the ability to learn on a interactive, personal level but it prepares you to become not only a life coach, but a top life coach. With this one on one dynamic you get to experience life coaching from both angles- as the client and as the coach. As you complete the program you learn how to create powerful interpersonal connections, valuable tools, marketing & business strategy, as well as establish your own personal empowerment. Life Coach Philly teaches you to embody your passion and create endless opportunities within your coaching and within life itself.
Alyssa Coyle
I am so honored to receive my Life Coach Certification from the International School of Coaching. My experience was great, whenever I had questions or concerns Paula was always there to help me. She is a great mentor! I recommend International School of Coaching to anyone who wants to be a Life Coach.
I really loved this school they were very nice to work with. They were patient took time in explaining information in detail. They helped me to obtain a new skill for my business that I feel great about! Thank you!

Start today Earn Your Life Coach Certification

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